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Cosplay Photography and CG

A picture says a thousand words- as the saying goes.

Cosplay photography and cg work, discussion, tips
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Welcome to the Cosplay Photography and CG community.

A few things to go over before you should considering joining us.

This community was formed because while there may be numerous communities for cosplayers, I didn’t happen to find one that focused primarily on how to take photographs of them in their costumes. Many Cosplayers also dabble in special computer graphics to make their pictures a little bit more special and their choosen costume.

This community not only brings together cosplayers, but photographers, photoshopers, and several other hobbyists who have a common thread within cosplay photography and manipulation.

This community is here for these reasons:

1. To share your cosplay photos.
2. To get tips on how to take better pictures. (group pictures, lighting, pose)
3. To help those who may need a little help in the camera department.
4. To share your CG work.
5. To get CG work done from other hobbyists for your cosplay photo.
6. To get tips on how to use computer programs for cg work.
7. To share your knowledge of such programs with others.
8. To brainstorm Photo / Cg ideas with like minds.

A few things that shouldn’t really be addressed in this community- but other Cosplay communities (trust me, there are plenty to pick from):

1. How to sew better.
2. How to act better.
3. Which costumes are overused.
4. The condition of the actual cosplayer. (and if their costume is “worthy”)
5. Which cosplay you should do next.

Basically this is a focus community for Cosplayers, but the focus is the second part of many cosplayers experience- The sharing of an image- being it a Photo, Video, or CG. Cosplayers are welcome to join and encouraged to share their photos. Photographers are welcome to join and share their experience. Cger’s are welcome to join for the exact same reason. It’s all about the photograph people. It’s about how to make that CG that much better- or how to make that instant camera at the con work a little bit better for you.

A few rules though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1. Stay on topic. Topic is left up to my digression. If you come in the community and make a post about a cute chibi character you saw at GenCon but don’t include a photo you took, I’m going to delete the comment. That’s not what the community is for.
2. LJ cut. It’s an image heavy Community. (duh) Do not post images unless they are behind an LJ cut.
3. No drama. Period. Do not bring your fights here. Do not bring your baggage. I’ll throw you out like yesterdays trash.
4. No all caps typing.
5. Be polite. If you can think of a nice or at the very least civil way to suggest or say something- don’t say it.
6. Don’t demand. If you have a photo you really want to be Cged and then no one gets around to doing- don’t get pushy.
7. Have fun please? Remember most of us do this as a hobby- in our spare time- for no pay. Cosplayers and photographers alike.
8. Be prepared for suggestions and critiques. It’s nothing personal most of the time- remember we’re here to help you take better photos and make better images.
9. And on that same note. Don’t harass. There is a difference between Critiques and blatant trolling.

So join up! Look forward to the Cg images and great cosplay photos.